The GIFTbox is a personalised and thoughtful gift for anyone looking for something a bit different. The focus is on making memories and having fun together, rather than on physical 'things'. It is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8yrs.

Our GIFTbox includes items that are handmade, sustainably sourced, reduced plastic and with strong eco-credentials. We aim to limit unnecessary waste whilst creating this unique gift.

Each GIFTbox includes four gifts and four birthday cards with instructions and suggestions for how to make the most of your gift. The four gifts follow each theme from our GROWbox: 

Tree sapling, personalised plant label, tree growth chart (illustrated by a professional artist)
Birthday card has tips on looking after your tree
Safari apron, insect silicon cake moulds
Birthday card includes a low-sugar cake recipe
Eco writing-paper (made from something very special!), colouring pencils
Birthday card invites the child to imagine other ways we can make sustainable changes in our lives
Recycled paper photo frame
Birthday card encourages the child to think about who has played a special role in their life and who they would want to have in their photo frame.
NB: The GIFTbox is a seasonal gift. The above is the summer GIFTbox and the contents will change in the autumn.


This is a super luxury gift for the thoughtful present-giver! It is educational and loads of fun with a celebratory feel for every occasion. The special touch of gift personalisation gives it that feel for a gift that is long-lasting and will be remembered for years to come!

The GIFTbox


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