The GROWbox provides seasonal, fun, personalised learning resources to enable engagement between parents/carers and children (3-8yrs). The activities focus on nature and encouraging a desire to protect it, promoting better mental and physical health and allowing space for creativity and connectivity. 


The four themes are:





The GROWbox includes:​​

  • All four activities linked to the themes of GROW (nature & sustainability), BE WELL (mental & physical wellbeing), IMAGINE (creativity) and CONNECT (buildiing communities)

  • Fun activity resources

  • Videos to extend the activity

  • Themed and original audio stories 

  • Online community




November's GROWbox is all about  hope and hibernation. This month's box includes:


Let’s GROW- planting narcissus bulbs and learning about what happens underground
Let’s BE WELL - linking music to emotion and thinking about how we can use music for mental health
Let’s IMAGINE - creating a bed for a hibernating mouse and understanding that much British wildlife is endangered and needs our care
Let’s CONNECT - understanding our local and global connections and our job to give hope to all


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