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'Planet Action Kit' aims to equip the next generation with the tools and skills  they need to be resilient in a future affected by environmental challenges. The activities focus on monthly eco-themes to encourage positive lifestyle changes that limit the impact on the planet.

'Planet Action Kit' includes:​​

  • Four colourful, fun activity sheets explaining the activities

  • Personalised letter to the child

  • Planet-friendly materials, toys and props. Plastic free!

  • Videos to inspire and reinforce the theme

  • An original audio story 

  • On Growth nature postcard

  • Online community with a focus on planet and people


Our monthly activity boxes encourage children to love the Earth and be more environmentally responsible. Themes:





All Planet & People products are packaged in compostable packaging and is plastic free where possible. We are wholly committed to sustainability and make our choices as environmentally responsible as possible


Available to buy:

  • 'Planet Action Kit' - including all four themes in a seasonal, monthly edition with one, three or six month subscription. The perfect sustainable accessory for the proactive and eco-conscious home educator, parent/carer, friend or relative.

  • 'Planet Action E-Kit' - Planet Action Kit to your inbox not your letterbox!

  • SEND IT ON! - re-use your Planet Action Kit. Extend the life of your Planet Action Kit and share the love for the Earth with others!

  • ecoCHRISTMASbox - a carefully presented seasonal box for a gift or your table.

  • 'Sustainable Start' ECOBABYbox (available soon) - a beautiful box containing hand selected items to support new mother's in their journey to eco-parenting.


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