Our monthly activity boxes encourage children to LOVE the Earth and be more environmentally responsible through these themes:


'Planet Action Kit' aims to equip the next generation with the tools and skills  they need to be resilient in a future affected by environmental challenges. The activities focus on monthly eco-themes to encourage positive lifestyle changes that limit the impact on the planet.

'Planet Action Kit' includes:​​

  • Four colourful, fun activity sheets 

  • Personalised letter to the child

  • Planet-friendly materials, toys and props. 

  • Videos to inspire and reinforce the theme

  • Original audio story featuring PAK, our young explorer

  • 'Parents For The Planet' newscard

  • Online eco-community

All Planet & People products are packaged in compostable packaging and is plastic free where possible. We are wholly committed to sustainability and make our choices as environmentally responsible as possible. 


Our eco-range:

  • 'Planet Action Kit' - including all four themes in a seasonal, monthly edition with one, three or six month subscription. The perfect sustainable accessory for the proactive and eco-conscious home educator, parent/carer, friend or relative.

  • 'Planet Action E-Kit' - Planet Action Kit to your inbox not your letterbox!

  • SEND IT ON! - re-use your Planet Action Kit. Extend the life of your Planet Action Kit and share the love for the Earth with others!

  • 'Sustainable Start' ECOBABYbox - a beautiful box containing hand selected items to support new mother's in their journey to eco-parenting.

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